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Comfort eating and portion control

Nik Evill

I have just completed weight loss therapy with Stephen. I have struggled for years with diets, comfort eating and portion control. Stephen hasnt just helped with the weight he has changed my mind set. I feel a lot happier with everything making the weight loss easier. Stephen has been great, such a kind encouaging person who has contuined to support throughout and after.
I have lost 1stone 8lbs in 7 weeks and am looking forward to the rest. Thank you stephen you are the best. X

Nik Evill

Blown Away

Jana Marie

I have recently completed Rapid Hypnosis and Kinetic Shift practitioner training with Stephen and I am blown away, not just by how amazing the training was and how much I have learnt, but also the kindness, support and encouragement I have received from Stephen prior to the course, during and even after. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met, easy to chat to, fantastic therapist that you can trust, feel safe and at ease with. I honestly can’t find the words to say how grateful I am for all his support. I would highly recommend Stephen as mentor, therapist and trainer!

Jana Marie

I was nervous and skeptical

Emma Drew

I had my first appointment with Stephen last week. I was nervous and a little skeptical at first, but Stephen made me feel at ease from the offset. I had some deep rooted problems relating to my Mum passing away followed by me having a traumatic miscarriage which in turn made me feel guilty, sad, helpless and at crossroads in life not knowing which way to turn. I really got a lot out of the session and felt so positive with a new, fresh outlook afterwards. I also have to say i had the best night’s sleep ever after the hypnotherapy session and ever since! I am planning to book another session and would highly recommend Stephen to any of my family & friends.

Emma Drew

Snacking, Picking at wrong foods

Kathryn Davey

I recently had hypnotherapy for weight loss as I had a problem with my eating habits in general, snacking, picking at the wrong foods and I’d lost my motivation to be good! After just one session I’d noticed I could ignore that craving for a bar of chocolate or that Chinese my friend had ordered while sticking to a good healthy diet. Following a healthy diet and exercise plan I felt the inches were coming off in a promising manor slowly but surely I was getting to where I wanted to be thanks to Stephen, who was so supportive and motivational! He was there every step of the way and what he can do by using hypnotherapy is astounding! Before you know it you’re confident in who you and what you look like knowing you’ll get to exactly where you want to be with time, effort and a brilliant hypnotherapist on hand every step if the way!

Kathryn Davey

Feel much better post session

sue guelchi

I visited Steve to deal with anxiety and to try to control a medical condition.
He was brilliant, knew i was nervous and worried, he made me feel at ease and explained fully what he was going to do and how i may feel. He explained what the end result should be and it was exactly as he described, Steve has boosted my confidence and helped me deal with my health issues. Seeing Steve has taught me how to channel my energy to control my problems differently and i feel much better after his sessions. I would highly recommend him.

Sue Guelchi

Shifted buried issues from me

julie smith

Having met Stephen on a training course last year. I have to say what a superb therapist. on the types of intense training we do we are often practised upon so to speak. Let me just say he shifted stuff from me that had been buried inside for a lot of years so thank you so much xx

Julie Smith

It is ok to need a little help now and again

sally smith

We all need a little help now and again. When life is perhaps on the wrong side of challenging. For me the biggest problem is smoking. For so many reasons I need to quit and not look back. I met Stephen a few weeks ago and I am well on the way to been smoke free. It’s not just about the hypnotherapy it’s the fact that I can talk completely honestly about my problem.
Stephen has shown me that there are many ways to achieve my goal. To begin with I needed to deal with the route cause of why I ‘need to smoke’ which was stress of everyday life. I am now more in control of the factors that drive me to smoke and I am able to tackle them with confidence☺ Mind Matters offers a strong journey to success in a safe and comfortable environment….

My message to you is this… nothing is impossible if you face it with the right support.

Sally Smith

weight loss

I recently completed a weight loss hypnosis programme with Stephan and it’s been fantastic …stephan is not only committed and supportive but genuinely cares about your progress in all aspects..not only did the programme help curb my ridiculous sugar cravings but it helped me rediscover my love of running (something I have tried unsuccessfully to get back for the last 10 years after convincing myself I just couldn’t do it anymore) . One stone and 5 inches lost in 5 weeks and finding the strength to bring balance back into a manic life ..well worth it and can thoroughly recommend Stephan

Donna mcintyre

Moving forward

I first saw Stephen after the loss of a baby. I found his personal experience in this area and his down to earth approach very reassuring. He puts you at ease instantly and has a real personal touch. As someone who prides themself on being strong and not wanting to admit to needing help. I was supported fully by Stephen and never made to feel weak or stupid. I have been to Stephen several times for his services for various things. I look to him as my first point of call when I need an issue resolving. His work with me definitely helped me move forward where before I was stuck.

May Hopkins

Peaceful is such a good feeling

After undergoing some hypnosis sessions with Stephen i found it unbelievable that once you put your mind and energy in the right place how relaxed and peaceful you can feel thanks to Stephen I felt this experience, and I can only describe it as magical.
We all lead hectic lifestyle and it’s hard to make time for your inner self, and leave your daily stresses and strain behind you,
Stephen is very easy to talk to, caring and very supportive. I was not sure what to expect but after only a few sessions I came away feeling very confident and positive and now feel like a new woman, I thank you Stephen for making me feel so much better in myself. I would highly recommend sdmindmatters😀.

Nisha Gherra

Massive leap forward with anxiety, we have our lives back…

I am so glad to have found Stephen. My son, now 17, has suffered with terrible anxiety as a result of bullying for many years and just going outside was difficult. We have only seen Stephen 3 times yet the difference is huge, much less anxiety and much more able to achieve things not possible last year, like attending full assemblies that he would not have been able to do, or going on a coach trip from school – ordering drinks for me at a counter whereas he couldn’t even go into the coffee shop before. Stephen has given us back a positive future which is simply amazing. I would (and regularly do) highly recommend Stephen, he has a lovely manner and puts you at ease immediately – I can’t believe the difference he has made to us in less than a month! Thank you so much.

Joy Walker

A Heart Full of Peace

I didn’t really know what to expect or what i was going for but a very good friend of mine had visited Steve a few times and it did him the world of good so i thought i would see what can be done for me.

The energy Steve gives off immediately helps relax you as a person so i honestly felt right at home. He asked me what i want from the sitting and after a brief conversation i stated i wanted to be at more peace within myself.

I can honestly say after visiting Steve. I left feeling motivated, head strong and full of energy. Not only have i booked back in i have referred several people, several large companies and have also taken my wife to.

No harm ever came from trying a new experience and honestly i have thanked my friend several times for the introduction.


Amar Singh Takhar

Life Changing

I contacted Stephen Daly at Mind Matters last year after suffering with anxiety and panic attacks for 10 years. After trying lots of different courses and therapies elsewhere, I decided to have a session with Stephen. This was the start of a brilliant journey. In the first session we spoke together in confidence about myself, causes of anxiety (one being PTSD from my sisters suicide) and we made a plan of how to move forward together. I believe my sessions were successful as I totally trusted Stephen and his experience/knowledge of what he thought would be best for me in each session. After the first session I felt more relaxed and positive. It is not an overnight fix, we worked together on other sessions each one making me feel better and more confident.
What did hypnosis feel like?

In my experience I found It relaxing and like a guided meditation that Stephen talks you through. It is not someone putting you to sleep and taking control of your mind like you see on the tele. It is you find your own answers and solving your own problem.

An example of a session is explained in the image above. Stephen has lots of experience and it is not one type of session fits all. It is tailored sessions to meet the persons needs. Even if you are not sure about hypnosis there is still other options such as Kinetic Shift. I have recommended Stephen to my family and friends. Contact Mind Matters even if it is only to enquire or find out more information on it.


Stephen is a Master at his craft!

Going through depression and life issues and did not have anyone to talk to for many years, So searching through Facebook groups on these issues..I found a group that supported men going through the same problems. Stephen offered his services to help me get at the root of my problems with hypnotherapy over Skype. We were able to discover my barriers and give me guidance towards self improvement. For this I will be FOREVER GRATEFUL!

I feel much better after our multiple sessions. He truly has a great talent for helping people and aid in improving your mindset.

Stephen Daly. Your the man!

Michael Maurice Barr

Michael Maurice Barr

Being the Dad and Husband i want to be

After suffering with deep depression and anixety which has been something i have always seemed to have due to issues as a child and the feeling of never being excepted.
I hit my all time low when a best friend at the time brought all these issues my way but saying the right things but never actually supporting when needed.
I dont want to be perceived as needy or a clingy type of guy but i have always had the view ‘If you treat me well, i will treat you better ‘
Without going into too much detail, when i really needed help he wasnt there, which he made very clear too me.
After months of dealing with the demons in my head, one of closest friends directed me stephens way after months of councilling and medication.
Stephen has helped me in no end of ways by simple mind techniques and hypnosis which i felt worked almost straight away.
I no longer have councilling but am still on medication which has since been reduced.
Stephen has helped me by being the husband my wife used to know again and the fun loving dad to my 2 beautiful daughters.
Life is good x

‘I thought about quitting until i seen who was watching’

Andy McGrory

Passed Driving Test!!!

After failing 2 driving tests and with anxiety returning, we reached back out to Stephen after having real success face to face a few months ago. This time we tried online via Zoom and I was amazed how well it worked! Matt was under in less than 30 seconds 😮 Today my 17 year old son sailed through his 3rd driving test and said he could feel the confidence and positivity after yesterday’s session, is convinced that is how he passed!! THANK YOU, you’ve saved us parents and our son much anxiety ❤️

Joy Walker

Overcoming my Fear of having a MRI scan 💛

I had a fear of having having a MRI scan. I felt restless, physically sick and was absolutely dreading it. The thought of being enclosed in such a tight space gave me the shivers. Stephen did a treatment on me over the Internet.
The Scan went brilliantly. I can’t get over it. I was so chilled and even when I’d think about the MRI scan I felt a lovely rush of Warmth go through my body. I even opened my eyes in the MRI and had a little look around. Absolutely no bother to me. I am blown away with it. And every time the machine made noise I went deeper into relaxation. Seriously crazy good stuff. From feeling physically sick at the thought of it to feeling relaxed and chilled out.
Stephen, Thank you so much.

Mandy Beattie

Life Saving

I was introduced to Steve via someone who had received treatment previously and who stated that they loved this man for what he had accomplished (at the time I thought this may be exaggerated, how wrong I was!!).

I first saw Steve at possibly the lowest point in my life. I had just come out of a complicated codependent relationship, with substance and alcohol abuse, overspending, career slipping away, low self esteem and on the brink of suicide. Life had spiralled out of control and I was physically and emotionally empty with no grasp on reality.

I was slightly sceptical at first having previously had counselling and 1 prior hypnotherapy session many years before (with different therapists).

The combination of therapies Steve channels is truly ‘Magic of the Mind’ after the first session I noticed a small shift (greedily I had wanted a quick fix) however this was just the beginning of my journey. With follow up sessions over the course of a month the progress only amplified even more.

The path Steve has led me on has honestly proved to be life saving. I am now a month clean and sober (2 weeks after my last session) and honestly feel reconnected to all life has to offer.

The signs that life offers now seem as clear as a set of traffic lights and appear to manifest daily. It was no ‘coincidence’ that I was introduced to Steve at the exact moment I needed him the most and I can now honestly say (without exaggeration!!) that I truly love this man for all that he has done for me.

Steve saved my life and I will always be thankful for a greater power leading me to him and his amazing ‘mind blowing’ work.

Much Love 🙏

Paul Shepherd

My life back on track; Hypnotherapy and Reiki Healing

Anxiety and depression has haunted my life for almost as long as I can remember, stemming from events during my childhood but aggravated by the loss of a baby a few years ago (and many other dark triggers in between). I’ve tried medication, CBT and psychodynamic education and still found my symptoms to be overwhelming, affecting every aspect of my life (from my relationship to work, poor self-esteem to sleep and even general health).
I have been fortunate to meet with Stephen on two occasions now – the first for Hypnotherapy and second for Reiki healing. We spent a lot of time focusing on these issues (and highlighting deeper-rooted triggers) and how my body deals with the stress that they cause. I have learnt so much about energy fields, the conscious vs unconscious mind and even a bit of science during the process. I’ve been introduced to the value of mindfulness whilst recognising that seeking help should not be frowned upon. The additional Reiki session helped to keep my anxiety farther at bay and has subsequently helped to alleviate many forms of stress (particularly at work) whilst aiding with a better quality (and often longer) sleep – although these would seem simplistic, the benefits of such simple tweaks have proved to be life-changing.
I thought I had failed by not being in my ‘right mind’ and needing help with something as seemingly simple as just being mentally stable. Now I realise that Stephen has actually given me my life back. I am motivated and driven, grateful for what I have and far more positive than what I was. My aforementioned symptoms have so far ceased to exist, but if they do return I know what I can do to alleviate them. I left each session feeling (and continuing to feel) like a better person and I cannot begin to describe how amazing this feels.
I cannot thank you enough for your effort, support (particularly via the “checking up on you” WhatsApp messages) and the constant reassurance.

Danielle Foster

I can start to see a way forward

I received therapy from Stephen after a recommendation from a very satisfied friend . Although I still have lots of issues to straighten out the hypnotherapy and reiki treatment administered by Stephen I have found a great help and comfort I would highly recommend him as a therapist and will most certainty be booking in with Stephen for further treatment very soon .

Lis Masters

Finally understanding who I am

Life has always given me lots of turns and bends I was always skeptical towards hypnotherapy. Luckily I met Steve. I was very unsure and not truly understanding my self . I was in a low vibration, with no ambition, no drive, no excitement to have anything. I was very monotone. After each session I had I felt I could see light and the end of the dark tunnel. Truth is Steve made me understand who I was and made me realise my patterns and feeling were entitled to what I had gone through. Steve pushed me through, I had to listen to all the tips and do little excercise’s to help me change patterns and I’m very grateful. The moment I found Steve in my journey drastically changed, I am back to working with so much happiness, a drive to actually live life, I can see a future. I’m not afraid to live. With so much understanding about who I am and what affects me I learnt to keep toxic energies out of my path. Which has given me so strength. People around me can see my light shinning from within. And I’m so thankful I met Steve. My path has changed once again and I’m ready to taken on what life throws at me :).

I also had a reiki session, tbh I was blown away, we both seen similar colours and vibrations. The reiki has left me feeling content and I’m still smiling so that’s a bonus. Steve has such a beautiful gift, its amazing to his passion pushed through his work. I’ll never look back again, Because I know I’m happy to live life for here and now. I feel very privileged to have this level of grounding after these sessions. Thank you! Xxx

Sharon Kaur Chagger

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