Feb, 2019 by Stephen Daly

Change is possible!
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Do you feel you are spending most of your life living in fight or flight mode?

How does hypnosis work?

Safe, Focused, Direct
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Put simply it allows us to alter our unconscious thought processes to help us achieve specific goals



My Name is Stephen Daly, owner and hypnotherpist at SD Mind matters.

I work one to one with clients to find solutions to solve personal/professional and limiting issues

These range from;

  • Stopping smoking
  • Confidence
  • Anxieties
  • Phobia,s
  • or simply ceasing a bad habit

To find out more about me, read here or to contact me direct, click here


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Kinetic Shift...

Kinetic shift practitioner Remove fears phobias anxiety and lots more. Eyes open

Working Online/Globally

We can do Zoom/Skype 1 to 1 sessions if you are too far away so don't be afraid to ask as I'm here to help.

Stop Smoking

Stop the habit NOW!!! Get in touch and change your life forever..

Weight Loss

Sign up to my 6 week weight loss programme. Proven results - Easy to do Diets don't work,THIS DOES!!! Easy to follow Get back the body you want


Stop Anxiety from controlling your life Get in touch now so I can give you back your wonderful life.


Whatever the issue, things can be improved, you will go through new experiences and resolve many things while using technique


I am now more confident, brave and feeling excited

I have had amazing experiences working with Stephen. I have had trouble for years overcoming negative self talk and low self esteem. I have read plenty of self help books,… Read more “I am now more confident, brave and feeling excited”

Brenton Carlton

Stephen is just brilliant!

Stephen is just brilliant! He really helped me rethink my attitude to food and myself. I feel more confident and happier. Thank you so much for all your help. You… Read more “Stephen is just brilliant!”

Nadia Conway

I really got a lot out of the session and felt so positive

I had my first appointment with Stephen last week. I was nervous and a little sceptical at first, but Stephen made me feel at ease from the offset. I had… Read more “I really got a lot out of the session and felt so positive”

Emma Drew

helped my son with his anxiety and agoraphobic issues

Stephen really helped my son with his anxiety and agoraphobic issues, enabling him to visit busy and loud places – and to pass his driving test, he is amazing!

Joy Walker

be kind to yourself and stop comfort eating

This is not a quick fix but a lifelong fix.
This is an awakening to self care and to stop seeing food as a reward to make yourself feel… Read more “be kind to yourself and stop comfort eating”


Life changer

Stephen worked with my autistic daughter as she was suffering from severe stress, anxiety, self harm and anger. She received hypnotherapy and was given strategies to help her in between… Read more “Life changer”

Rachel Farley

Thank You

Stephen is such a lovely man. He’s easy to talk to and has a sense of humour, most importantly he listens and doesn’t judge.
I had 3 sessions with… Read more “Thank You”

Karen Horner-Glister