I lucked out and discovered Stephen on Tiktok. I’ve suffered from anxiety for almost 20 years, driving anxiety, social anxiety, heights etc.. So my husband planned a trip for us to go to Vegas because that’s one of many places on my bucket list.

I was so excited but one thing about the trip that was putting a damper on things was the fact I had to get on a plane in order to get there. As it got closer to our departure date, I contemplated on telling my husband to cancel because at this point I could barely sleep with the thought of getting on a plane and for 4 hours.

When I came across Stephens Tiktok page, something about his voice and energy just gave me good vibes so I contacted him, he responded immediately and I basically told him I need help getting on this plane in just TWO DAYS!! He fit me into his schedule and our session went great!! Actually better than great, it was amazing!

I could feel all my worries and negative thoughts releasing!! I got on that plane with ease, no worries during the flight whatsoever. My husband was shocked at how well I did. Thank you so much Stephen. Needless to say, I’m ready to travel and enjoy life.