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Solution based, client orientated therapies

HYPNOTHERAPY is often viewed with suspicion, and many associate it with elaborately dressed men waving a pendulum of some kind and taking control over their minds, nothing could be further from the truth.

Hypnotherapists use hypnotism to help clients deal with trauma, break addictions or achieve other positive changes in their lives and allow them to live their lives to the fullest without being held back by events that have had a hold on them over a past period.

Hypnosis is not any form of brainwashing or mind control, unlike the authoritarian hypnosis done years ago, modern, hypnosis is permissive and respectful of clients: some information to assist you deciding is hypnosis is for you

While in trance, you will know exactly where you are and what is happening.
You can and will converse while in trance.
People experience trance in several different ways.
Some people are capable of a deeper trance than others

Almost everyone can achieve some level of trance that enhances the incorporation of hypnotic suggestions. Hypnosis is not a "magic cure-all". Although effective in many cases, trying hypnosis is the only way to know if it will be of help to you.



Session will last from 30-60 minutes typically, you will be informed if more than one session will be required.

It is a powerful way to assist people in creating required change. Hypnosis creates a highly relaxed state of inner concentration and focused attention for people, so they can make new choices based on awareness and clarity that arises as a result of the hypnotherapy session.

Do you needlessly suffer any of the following:
Stress, Anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, weight issues

The causes of these have often proven to be a sub-concious phenomenon that can be treated removed or masked with hypnosis in order for you to get beyond them and live your life as it could and should be, not just settle for how it is!

There are several methods that can be used depending on your needs: CBT, Ericksonian, Solution focused, NLP, Regression, Suggestive and more..

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