Anxiety and depression has haunted my life for almost as long as I can remember, stemming from events during my childhood but aggravated by the loss of a baby a few years ago (and many other dark triggers in between). I’ve tried medication, CBT and psychodynamic education and still found my symptoms to be overwhelming, affecting every aspect of my life (from my relationship to work, poor self-esteem to sleep and even general health).
I have been fortunate to meet with Stephen on two occasions now – the first for Hypnotherapy and second for Reiki healing. We spent a lot of time focusing on these issues (and highlighting deeper-rooted triggers) and how my body deals with the stress that they cause. I have learnt so much about energy fields, the conscious vs unconscious mind and even a bit of science during the process. I’ve been introduced to the value of mindfulness whilst recognising that seeking help should not be frowned upon. The additional Reiki session helped to keep my anxiety farther at bay and has subsequently helped to alleviate many forms of stress (particularly at work) whilst aiding with a better quality (and often longer) sleep – although these would seem simplistic, the benefits of such simple tweaks have proved to be life-changing.
I thought I had failed by not being in my ‘right mind’ and needing help with something as seemingly simple as just being mentally stable. Now I realise that Stephen has actually given me my life back. I am motivated and driven, grateful for what I have and far more positive than what I was. My aforementioned symptoms have so far ceased to exist, but if they do return I know what I can do to alleviate them. I left each session feeling (and continuing to feel) like a better person and I cannot begin to describe how amazing this feels.
I cannot thank you enough for your effort, support (particularly via the “checking up on you” WhatsApp messages) and the constant reassurance.