I was introduced to Steve via someone who had received treatment previously and who stated that they loved this man for what he had accomplished (at the time I thought this may be exaggerated, how wrong I was!!).

I first saw Steve at possibly the lowest point in my life. I had just come out of a complicated codependent relationship, with substance and alcohol abuse, overspending, career slipping away, low self esteem and on the brink of suicide. Life had spiralled out of control and I was physically and emotionally empty with no grasp on reality.

I was slightly sceptical at first having previously had counselling and 1 prior hypnotherapy session many years before (with different therapists).

The combination of therapies Steve channels is truly ‘Magic of the Mind’ after the first session I noticed a small shift (greedily I had wanted a quick fix) however this was just the beginning of my journey. With follow up sessions over the course of a month the progress only amplified even more.

The path Steve has led me on has honestly proved to be life saving. I am now a month clean and sober (2 weeks after my last session) and honestly feel reconnected to all life has to offer.

The signs that life offers now seem as clear as a set of traffic lights and appear to manifest daily. It was no ‘coincidence’ that I was introduced to Steve at the exact moment I needed him the most and I can now honestly say (without exaggeration!!) that I truly love this man for all that he has done for me.

Steve saved my life and I will always be thankful for a greater power leading me to him and his amazing ‘mind blowing’ work.

Much Love 🙏