Life has always given me lots of turns and bends I was always skeptical towards hypnotherapy. Luckily I met Steve. I was very unsure and not truly understanding my self . I was in a low vibration, with no ambition, no drive, no excitement to have anything. I was very monotone. After each session I had I felt I could see light and the end of the dark tunnel. Truth is Steve made me understand who I was and made me realise my patterns and feeling were entitled to what I had gone through. Steve pushed me through, I had to listen to all the tips and do little excercise’s to help me change patterns and I’m very grateful. The moment I found Steve in my journey drastically changed, I am back to working with so much happiness, a drive to actually live life, I can see a future. I’m not afraid to live. With so much understanding about who I am and what affects me I learnt to keep toxic energies out of my path. Which has given me so strength. People around me can see my light shinning from within. And I’m so thankful I met Steve. My path has changed once again and I’m ready to taken on what life throws at me :).

I also had a reiki session, tbh I was blown away, we both seen similar colours and vibrations. The reiki has left me feeling content and I’m still smiling so that’s a bonus. Steve has such a beautiful gift, its amazing to his passion pushed through his work. I’ll never look back again, Because I know I’m happy to live life for here and now. I feel very privileged to have this level of grounding after these sessions. Thank you! Xxx