After suffering with deep depression and anixety which has been something i have always seemed to have due to issues as a child and the feeling of never being excepted.
I hit my all time low when a best friend at the time brought all these issues my way but saying the right things but never actually supporting when needed.
I dont want to be perceived as needy or a clingy type of guy but i have always had the view ‘If you treat me well, i will treat you better ‘
Without going into too much detail, when i really needed help he wasnt there, which he made very clear too me.
After months of dealing with the demons in my head, one of closest friends directed me stephens way after months of councilling and medication.
Stephen has helped me in no end of ways by simple mind techniques and hypnosis which i felt worked almost straight away.
I no longer have councilling but am still on medication which has since been reduced.
Stephen has helped me by being the husband my wife used to know again and the fun loving dad to my 2 beautiful daughters.
Life is good x

‘I thought about quitting until i seen who was watching’